Columbia, MO home with fresh mulch and landscaping in the front yard.

Landscaping Services

We use a combination of flowers, shrubs, trees, mulch, and rock to create picturesque landscapes in Columbia, MO and the Mid-Missouri area.

Landscaping Services in Columbia, Boonville, Sedalia, & Other Mid-MO Areas

At Stanaway Land Designs, we offer professional landscaping services with quality workmanship to the local Columbia, Boonville, and Sedalia areas. We’re experts in making properties look picturesque with the use of plants, shrubs, trees, and various ground covers.

Whether you are ready to give your landscaping a complete makeover or just want a few changes in aesthetics, we can help consult, design, and install any type of landscaping project.

New landscaping and mulch around steps in Columbia, MO yard by Stanaway Land Designs.

The process of installing new landscaping for your home.

We handle new landscaping from the ground up. To start, our experts provide a full consultation and design service for any new landscaping project. That design will include what types of plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, and mulch we plan to use. We will layout the landscaping beds, the shapes, sizes, and dimensions with a graphical rendering. All this planning will ensure that your new landscaping is balanced, has a strong focal point, is proportionate, and works in unison with your home or any hardscaping elements.

After the planning and design is complete, we’ll start the installation by removing any existing landscaping from your space and making any needed repairs to your irrigation system. Once the canvas is ready, we’ll custom build, install, or shape the landscape beds, plant your new shrubs, bushes, flowers and trees, then finish it all off with a ground cover like mulch or rock.

Mulch & Rock – The most common types and benefits.

Once the major features in your landscape have been planted, we usually install two to three inches of mulch or rock in your landscape beds. Some of the most common mulch in the Columbia, MO area is red or dark brown dyed oak, natural oak, or cedar mulch. Rock is another ground cover option many of our customers prefer, the most common type ;of rock we install in landscaping beds is the 1 1/2"Osage and Oversized Missouri.

Rock and mulch ground coverings help fight weed growth and control soil erosion, which protects your plants’ root systems and minimizes your yard maintenance. In addition to these benefits, they insulate your soil against harsh Missouri weather and helps retain water to keep your plants’ roots moist and healthy.

We can also maintain your ground coverings! For rock ground covers, these need refreshed bi-annual, while mulch needs to be done annually.

New landscaping and rock bed by %%name in front yard of Columbia, MO home.

Trimming and Pruning Services

For both newly planted and mature shrubs, trees, bushes, and hedges, trimming and pruning is a vital part of their care. For any plant, pruning strengthens their limbs and helps them grow more lush and robust. For fruit-bearing plants, this even improves the size and quantity of your crop. Trimming and pruning also preempts any safety risks by removing diseased or weakened branches, and ultimately benefits your whole outdoor space by improving sun exposure and air circulation throughout your landscape.

If your trees and shrubs are non-blooming, then pruning is best in the late winter. If they do, they should be pruned as soon as the flowers fall in the spring. We will assess the right time and way to care for your plants throughout the year.

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Giving back to our community.

Here at Stanaway Land Designs, we support our community and our military families. We participate in GreenCare For Troops, where we donate our landscaping services to families of currently deployed military personnel. This amazing program is run by Project Evergreen and we donate 10% of our design fee to them.

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