Home in Columbia with hardscaping pavers treated by Stanaway Land Designs.

Hardscape Maintenance

Using SEK Surebond products we will protect, restore, secure, and stabilize any brick or stone you have around your property. Our services clean, restore and prevent natural recurrence of minerals, moss, mold, and mildew.

Hardscaping Maintenance in Columbia, Boonville, Sedalia, MO & the Mid-Missouri Area

Your curb appeal is to die for. Your backyard pergola is an oasis from the world. Your flagstone patio and firepit make the perfect place to entertain. Your balance of landscaping and hardscaping is the envy of everyone in the neighborhood - maybe everyone in Columbia, Boonville, or Sedalia MO. You should be proud. You have created a peaceful and inviting environment where you and your guests can completely relax and enjoy life.

Paver patio restoration Columbia by Stanaway Land Designs.

Let us take care of all your beautiful hardscaped surfaces around your home.

One of the beauties of hardscaping is its longevity, but this comes hand in hand with the struggles of keeping your outdoor spaces looking their best. Maintaining the function and integrity of your hardscaping is a priority for both the aesthetic value and monetary investment. Ongoing attention to details like cleaning, sealing, and protecting can detract from your enjoyment.

We at Stanaway Greenhouse & Land Designs want to help you with those chores so you can continue to relax and enjoy the benefits of your outdoor space for years to come.

We are certified contractors, with our skills and training we will protect and preserve any of your hardscape elements.

Patio paver restoration, sealing, and maintenance at a home in Sedalia, MO.

Restore & Redefine

Your outdoor spaces, even your hardscaping elements like walkways and stone walls are naturally susceptible to the outdoor elements. Weather, weeds, and insects can compromise the integrity of your brick and stone. Let us take care of keeping your walkways, patios, and other surfaces fresh and clean. To restore your hardscaping we use products like Sure Clean, Efflo Off, Stain and Rust Buster, SureStrip, and Oil Extractor.


We use industry-trusted SEK Surebond products to protect your investments. To protect your hardscaping we use water-based sealers that have a 3-5 year sustainability or solvent-based sealers that have a 5-10 year sustainability. These sealants are available in matte, satin, and semi-gloss, ensuring each of your structures looks its absolute best while helping prevent the natural recurrence of minerals, moss, mold, and mildew we routinely experience here in Missouri.

Secure & Stabilize

We use SnapEdge restraints to keep your hardscaping securely in place. Our maintenance also provides protection against sand washout, rust, oil, water and salt stains, and UV damage. We offer top-notch treatments to inhibit weed growth, safeguard against insects damage, and hinder unsightly fungus growth so all you see is the beauty of your space.

We will ensure your structures are maintained all year long. We would love to help you! Call us at (660) 888-5576 today!

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GreenCare For Troops
Giving back to our community.

Here at Stanaway Land Designs, we support our community and our military families. We participate in GreenCare For Troops, where we donate our landscaping services to families of currently deployed military personnel. This amazing program is run by Project Evergreen and we donate 10% of our design fee to them.

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