Retaining wall, 3D design by Stanaway Land Designs in Columbia.

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Design & Consulting For Landscape & Hardscape Projects in Columbia, Boonville, & Sedalia Areas.

The foundation of all landscaping or hardscaping projects is creative, thoughtful, informed design. When approaching a new project for your outdoor space, we consider the aesthetic elements, such as its visual depth, the focal points you want to create, and a unified vision for your design. Besides the aesthetics, we'll also consider your practical needs, including safety in engineering, ease of maintenance, and any potential permitting requirements you might encounter. At your home in Columbia, Boonville, Sedalia, or other Mid-Missouri areas, our goal is to create a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor space that reflects your vision for that space, and feels like an extension of your home.

Our Consultation Provides Suggestions & Insights

We begin with a free initial consultation, which involves learning about your space, and the plants, shapes, and other elements you'd like to see in it. After that, there will be various stages of design and planning for both residential and commercial projects. Considering the unique Missouri climates in which we work, we'll offer suggestions and help guide your choices to create your ideal landscape. We provide the professional touch that ensures a well built, properly sourced, and permitted project that will be a showpiece of your home for years to come.

Beautiful 3D landscaping design at a home in Columbia, MO  by Stanaway Land Designs.

CAD Designs For Your Project

Based on our consultation with you, our specialized CAD (Computer-Aided Design) designers create a three dimensional, digital rendering of the space, and help us work with you to make your vision a reality in real time. Once we've helped you bring your dream to life, you can either bring the design to another contractor or work with our team of landscapers and hardscapers to install your new outdoor space.

ProLandscape Design Software used by Stanaway Land Designs in Columbia, MO.

Beautiful Columbia, MO landscaping and paver sidewalk by Stanaway Land Designs.

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GreenCare For Troops
Giving back to our community.

Here at Stanaway Land Designs, we support our community and our military families. We participate in GreenCare For Troops, where we donate our landscaping services to families of currently deployed military personnel. This amazing program is run by Project Evergreen and we donate 10% of our design fee to them.

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