Columbia, MO home with grading work being done by Stanaway Land Designs.

Additional Services

Outdoor lighting, seeding, fencing, and grading are just some of the additional services we provide to the Columbia, Boonville, and Sedalia, MO areas.

Additional Outdoor Services We Provide

Our work doesn’t begin and end with your landscaping. We’re invested in your entire outdoor space, from exterior lighting and fencing to maintenance needs like lawns, tree trimming, and drainage issues. Here are some of the other services we offer to Columbia, MO and other Mid-Missouri areas.

Decorative fencing with landscaping installed by Stanaway Land Designs at Boonville, MO home.


Whether it’s to protect and secure your yard or to add a decorative flourish, we provide several fencing options—wooden privacy fences, wrought iron, and aluminum fencing—this will put the finishing touch on your landscaping.

Freshly regraded and seeded yard by Stanaway Land Designs in Boonville.

Seeding and Sod

Depending on your lawn’s needs, we can either provide grass seeding or lay sod. With our seeding services we use straw seeding and/or straw blanket with 5-way fescue, perennial ryegrass, and in some cases a wheat annual rye combination. After planting your new lawn we use a 20-10-10 granular fertilizer and granular lime for optimal growth. With sod, we can instantly lay your lush, new lawn into your outdoor space.

For sloped areas of your land, and other plots that might have trouble with erosion—typical during Mid-Missouri’s post-winter melt and early fall—we provide hydroseeding, a combination of mulch and seed onto the land to plant secure, fast-growing grass.

New front yard drainage system in Columbia, MO by Stanaway Land Designs.

Drainage installation at a home in %%tragetarea2%%, MO.

Grading & Drainage

Central Missouri’s rainfall and snowmelt can bring unexpected pools and soggy yards, and each property’s unique contours present different challenges when it comes to water. We can assess the grade and qualities of your land to find its problem areas—where water is pooling, and which areas aren’t getting any water at all—and when necessary, level your land and correct any drainage issues we discover.

Concrete steps with decorative lighting at Columbia, MO home installed by Stanaway Land Designs.

Outdoor Lighting

Once your landscape is designed and installed, we can help craft your outdoor lighting, to make the space beautiful, usable and safe. With either traditional or LED lighting, we can light your walkways and driveways, using any combination of recessed, in-ground and path lighting. We can also highlight specific elements in your yard with spotlights, and assure the security of your space with hanging or floodlights.

If you're interested in any of these services, just give us a call at (660) 888-5576. We're currently servicing Columbia, Boonville, Sedalia, and all other Mid-Missouri areas.


Tree shearing services available in Columbia and surrounding areas.

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GreenCare For Troops
Giving back to our community.

Here at Stanaway Land Designs, we support our community and our military families. We participate in GreenCare For Troops, where we donate our landscaping services to families of currently deployed military personnel. This amazing program is run by Project Evergreen and we donate 10% of our design fee to them.

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